Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Wedding

I still can't help but be completely amazed at how well things just
seem to come together in my life. From the way Heidi and I learned
about each other and just sorta clicked so well to all the little
things that fell into place and made our getting together happen

Our wedding was no exception. We wanted it to be simple and
stress free and to represent how we want to live. We told
everyone to come casual to my Dad's ranch where we had setup
for a BBQ and simple ceremony. It was a small wedding compared
to most with the total attendance coming in at a shade over 30,
consisting of a few close friends and the rest family.
Our rings were forged by Heidi and I from old silver coins and
came out rather nicely if I do say so myself!

Our cake was creation of my sister, Lisa and her assistant Mindy
and was both beautiful and quite yummy! They also took care of
the flowers in Heidi's hair and the bouquets.

Our outfits were very comfortable natural fiber clothes that
we bought for the occasion but will work well as a normal part
of our wardrobe. The ceremony was very short in duration,lasting
maybe 15 minutes. A nice old minister we found through the local
courthouse performed the necessary role and did a fine job
reading the guide notes we gave him. At least I think he did,
I was pretty preoccupied with the beauty standing before me at
the time that is now my wonderful wife!

Everyone contributed to making our wedding perfect! My Dad and
Joyce, My sisters, Lisa & Traci and thier families, my new
wonderful kids, Jessica, Zach & Shane, my new Mom-in-law Marsha
and of course my gorgeous wife, Heidi, all worked together to
create what I think was the perfect wedding! For those who
couldn't make it, we missed you but understand.