Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a new year! New Blog, New commitment!

With the arrival of 2010, I have decided to renew my commitment to keeping my blogs up to date. Notice that is now plural. I have decided to separate my blogging into two basic areas. The new blogs name is Vantramps which is listed in my links at right. Vantramps will be about Heidi and my life in our Roadtrek van which is now named "Taj Ma Trek". On that blog you will find all the details of the mods we have done as well as a little history. The other major goal there will be to share our life on the road.

So what happens to this blog? Well, I am going to update it as well but more along the lines of my own personal thoughts and ideas and about anything else I don't want to put on the other blog. Another topic I am going to start covering here is Cystic Fibrosis. Not a lot of boring technical details mind you, but how it affects my life and Heidi's since she has to live with me(or at least chooses to). Some of my experiences with it may be of value to others dealing with this disease or at least I hope so.

Heidi also has her own blog named Mimionthemove which is also listed in my links. Personally, I think she is much more interesting than me so check it out!

I really expect this to be a great year! We are starting on a road trip before the end of the month that will take us pretty much all the way around the country and into next year. I am sure to have many strange and obscure thoughts I feel like writing about. I hope you will find them of interest.