Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Heroes

In these days with all the crime and suffering going on in the world, wouldn't a Super Hero be really welcome? Well I just happen to be one! I have recently learned that my Sweetheart is as well, what a coincidence! I have been dubbed "Greeting Card Boy" and I have an assortment of super powers, most notably my pretend ninja skills! Heidi's Super Hero name is "Highly Caffeinated Angel" and along with the obvious super power of intense jitters, she has the very welcome ability to melt my heart constantly!

Many people would chalk all this Super Hero talk up to early relationship cheesiness but I know better! It is about enjoying life and knowing how to laugh and love and be happy! Smiling alone is very healthy, so you can imagine what the effects can be of filling your days with silliness and fun! So laugh, and sing and enjoy every breath of this life! There is plenty of time for deep thought and meditation, just keep it all in balance and maybe next time your feeling down, find the super hero within you and give them a name. The world can always use more super heroes!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heidi again

I didn't mention it before and I can't let it go unsaid. She happens to be quite beautiful in every way! She takes my breath away and I am understating that a bit!


This is a post I never thought I would be writing. I have spent years now working on myself and doing the things I could to be a confident complete person alone and needing no one. Happy with myself and my life pursueing that which I believe to be important and worthwhile. I never saw it coming.

I consider myself to be a bit different than most folks, almost odd if you get right down to it. With so many different and sometimes conflicting interests and views, I had never imagined there could be someone else so much like me in so many ways. But to put it as she once did, poof, there she was! Well, maybe not quite like that but it sure feels that way. I started noticing posts on more than a couple of the yahoo groups that were exactly the things I would have said. Someone with a very similar heart, that spoke out freely to defend where she felt necessary and help where she could. Another with a heart to have fun with life and live strong and free! Time just made the developing attraction stronger and a mutual friend, TwoKnivesKatie had the same idea for the two of us. Now things are quite clear and Heidi and I are completely taken with each other. In the past month, each day has been better than the day before and we both learn just how much alike we really are.

So without going into tons of detail, suffice it to say, my future includes her and while we are both strong and confident as individuals, we will be stronger and happier together. This is a new journey for us and one that is going to be epic in the truest sense of the word! I can't stop smiling!

Ginormously! <--Just sayin!


Stormy is just absolutely cool and inspiring! I started talking to her a while back on a Vandweller sub group and was immediately impressed by her interesting views on life. She is a tiny gal living in a tiny car but she is an incredible presence in this world! Sounds like hype maybe, but like Katie, this is a person that is rare and you will be blessed by any time you can share with her. She is very spiritual and wise and on an interesting journey.

As she travels, Stormy interviews people for a book she is writing. She sat with Katie and I at a restaurant in Quilcene Washington, notebook and pen ready. Her questions are very deep and thought provoking. I listened while Katie responded and found myself near speechless when it came time for my answers. Katie and her amazing spirit is hard to follow and I really felt like I didn't want to take away from her moment with my thoughts. I could tell the meeting with Stormy was somewhat transitional for Katie at the time. Katie, who is very introspective already, was now looking even deeper into the direction of her life and how she could give more of herself to others. That is the effect Stormy has on others. With the story she shares of her own life and her goals, and the questions she asks, Stormy causes people to explore inside themselves. It is fun to see and amazing to experience.

Stormy: As you continue your travels and spread that wisdom and love, stay safe and strong! I hope we meet again out on the road sometime! That Karmic appointment of sorts was yet another thing that shaped my life in a positive way! Thank You!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This big rock we live on is full of all kinds of people and having the chance to meet someone as interesting and unique as Twokniveskatie is still very much a rare blessing. After talking to her for many months on the Yahoo vandwellers group, email and occasionally on the phone, I felt I had a pretty good sense of what type of person she was and already felt a close friendship with her.

One of the things Katie likes to do is knit. She does it as a source of income as well, making beautiful hats to sell from colorful self spun yarn that is sourced from various interesting places. Recently while reading Tara's blog, I came across an add that caught my attention, a weekend camping and learning class combining knitting and nature. Katie was in Oregon when I learned of it and the class was here in Washington, not far from where I am staying. Perfect. Katie was now on her way to Port Angeles!

Two weeks before the KNN weekend, Katie arived in our driveway with her faithful dog Mutt. From the first minute she was here, I was glad she made the trip. She has an amazing spirit! Everyone in my family was immediately fond of her. Her vehicle, which is also her home, is a 2002 Chevy Astro van. This is not a big vehicle to live in, but she has it very well layed out and organized. As with most of the vandwellers, her space is efficient, simplicity being the key to success. Katie's van has a cozy, warm feel to it even with the various weapons you may notice with a careful eye. Her name is not without reason.

During her two week stay, we spent some time visiting some of the areas of the Olympic Peninsula that really should be experienced given the chance. The Hoh Rainforest, Rialto Beach, the drive along the Strait of San Juan De Fuca on 112, Freshwater Bay, Salt Creek and Lake Crecent. Katie and my Dad also made the hike to Marymere Falls. I declined that trip as keeping up with my Dad is not an easy thing to do. I think she might agree. There were many places I didn't get to show her as well, but trying to cram too much in such a short time period can take away rather than add. The next visit maybe. Our drives were filled with music and her pleasant voice singing along, great conversations and a much deeper understanding of how we both ended up being who we are. These were all memories that I will recall often and enjoy.

There was time spent working on our vans, mostly cleaning and re-organizing. Katie likes to help, she spent time on Roadie with me, removing dog hair which was no small job. I like the fact that her hands were involved with Roadie's progress, just seems to fit with that tribal feeling I have about the vandwellers group.

There was so much more to this visit with Katie that goes far beyond the scope of this post but suffice it to say, meeting Katie and sharing our lives with her for those two weeks changed me. I know it was a positive experience for my family as well. I don't believe you can meet a person like Katie without having some personal growth from the encounter. On that note, I want to mention Stormy who is another traveler from vandwellers that Katie and I had the chance to meet while she was here. It was another blessing and well worth a post of it's own, the next in fact. If you want to learn more about Katie and her life, I really recommend her blog which is listed in my links. You will enjoy her writing as she has a great gift for storytelling. Kate, I love you friend, stay safe and peace be the journey!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming to my senses.

I think maybe my version of simplicity is somewhat complex but not necessarily in a bad way. When I was out there working like a madman in the normal pursuits western culture finds so important, I always had to take things to the extreme. Every day had to be fully involved with pushing toward whatever goals where in my mind at the time. Work hard, play hard, sleep little, accumulate, press on. If the thought of simplicity entered my mind, it was quickly drowned out by a chorus of little voices crying out "BORING!".

Wow! What a shift in perspective the last few years has entailed. The goals have all changed as well as the methods and for the most part, they resemble the path of many looking for a simple and more independent life. I know now what boring is and it isn't the current life I live, it was the old. Hindsight truly is 20/20. Simple doesn't equate to dull. As my opening sentence suggests, the complexity is still there and maybe more so, it is just now in areas of my choosing and to my satisfaction. As my welcome post of this blog proclaimed, I am working to become, not to acquire.

To avoid any confusion, I realize that simplicity and complexity are polar opposites but I know now that you can have both. Life is so much bigger than the limits we often impose on ourselves. In my case simplicity and complexity are very intertwined, working very well together to bring about fulfillment. Living a very simple life in the physical sense allows me the freedom and time to pursue a wide range of interests which is where the complexity is more than welcome and entirely by choice.

Words only can accomplish so much. I could never adequately describe the effects of what moving to a simple life has done. From laughing like a child at the smallest things, to having the time to finally build a foundation of understanding in my spiritual life with which I stand on with confidence, the attempted explanations would only be understated. On that note, my goal has merely been to say: If you are on the fence, make a choice. If you realize your life is chaotic and out of balance, do something to change it. Sitting in the passenger seat isn't a good place to be if the world is driving.

As for the complex interests, they are all future blog entries so stay tuned...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Labels and definitions

The question is: Why the need? In simple terms, I believe defining someone in a specific way is a basic method of packaging, summing everything up into one easily handled form. It may be the first logical step to determining how to deal with a new person, but it is full of danger in the form of assumptions. Again I ask, why the need? Why not just realize that people are complex and even those that share specific traits may be polar opposites. Why try and fit everyone into neat little boxes?

What about the labels we put on ourselves? Democrat, Republican, Atheist, Christian, Environmentalist, Scientist, and on and on. Claim one as a title and you will find yourself viewed in a specific way based on not necessarily your actions, but the actions of many others who share your designation. So why label ourselves? Isn't our action enough to speak for us? If it isn't, shouldn't it be?

"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. --Emerson"

That quote brings to light a very important aspect of self imposed labels, it doesn't really matter what we claim to be if we don't back it up with action. I know none of this is original or earth-shattering, but it is one of those things I believe very strongly in.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kodak moment?

You are walking along a path through an amazing and peaceful forest. Thick green moss hangs from the ancient trees while the sun, hidden by a canopy of leaves only peaks through occasionally to light the way. Almost without a sound a young deer emerges on the trail ahead and glances back to acknowledge you. She knows you mean her no harm. A small rustle in the underbrush indicates she is not alone. Silently you stand watching while her fawn, no higher than your knee and still wearing spots, carefully joins her. Together they pause no more than 30 feet in front of you before ambling along slowly, sampling the various plants along the way. They allow you to follow close behind before finally exiting the path a few hundred yards from their entry. As this scene unfolds before you, you are aware of the camera at your side. What would you do?

The scene described is one of a couple I have been blessed with in recent weeks. A memory that will remain with me for a long time, but not captured with a camera. In all such experiences, I can't bring myself to aim a lens due to a feeling inside that in some way the moment is cheapened by the attempt. It is a feeling I have learned recently that I share with more friends than I would have guessed. Your perspective would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Welcome to my blog!

There are many various descriptions defining what a Visionquest is, in my case it is simply a journey seeking to grow as a person, a physical journey as well as a spiritual one, working to become, not to acquire.

I believe it is important to be a student of life, to learn from every available source and recognize and grab hold of wisdom in all the forms it can be found. I also believe doing so involves expanding your vision beyond what your eyes can see and being careful to listen beyond what your ears can hear. There is much I want to share, ideas to exchange, perspectives to gain.

The physical aspects of my particular journey include a van which at this point I have given no clever name. The design and modifications to it will be well covered. I consider myself very much a nomad, part of a large tribe of vandwellers across the country.

For the future: A little philosophy, some strange hobbies and interests, probably a fair amount of lame humor(my apologies in advance), hopefully some intriguing ideas and absolutely no strings attached. Hope you enjoy your visit!