Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At the core of the thing...

My belief system... This is a topic I don't talk about often, but will this once to aid in understanding where I develop my views and how I deal with things in life. There are two primary reasons I don't discuss it (unless asked) usually. (#1) I don't ever want anyone to feel I am trying to convince them or judge them etc. That just isn't my style and I am a strong believer in free will to make your own choices. (#2) I want to live in a way that my actions show what is in my heart. Actions always speak much louder than words.

I have a very basic belief system based entirely on the Bible and my relationship with God. It is something that I have had since I was a tiny kid, even if it wasn't always evident. I don't really do church anymore, too many doctrine type things in every one I have ever been to. I don't dig through old testament scripture much either. Pretty much just focus on the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus. I have always found all that I needed in those words and prayer.

I won't go much further about this, but I did want to make sure the foundation was understood before I dig into other subjects in my life, especially the cystic fibrosis I was born with. My faith in God has everything to do with me still being here.

Last thing I wanted to say about this is that proclamations tend to bring on scrutiny. If that holds true here and those who read this post scrutinize my life, you will find that I am a very imperfect person. I make incredible blunders, get angry with the best of them, and have sinned with the worst of them. I am grateful to have been forgiven.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a new year! New Blog, New commitment!

With the arrival of 2010, I have decided to renew my commitment to keeping my blogs up to date. Notice that is now plural. I have decided to separate my blogging into two basic areas. The new blogs name is Vantramps which is listed in my links at right. Vantramps will be about Heidi and my life in our Roadtrek van which is now named "Taj Ma Trek". On that blog you will find all the details of the mods we have done as well as a little history. The other major goal there will be to share our life on the road.

So what happens to this blog? Well, I am going to update it as well but more along the lines of my own personal thoughts and ideas and about anything else I don't want to put on the other blog. Another topic I am going to start covering here is Cystic Fibrosis. Not a lot of boring technical details mind you, but how it affects my life and Heidi's since she has to live with me(or at least chooses to). Some of my experiences with it may be of value to others dealing with this disease or at least I hope so.

Heidi also has her own blog named Mimionthemove which is also listed in my links. Personally, I think she is much more interesting than me so check it out!

I really expect this to be a great year! We are starting on a road trip before the end of the month that will take us pretty much all the way around the country and into next year. I am sure to have many strange and obscure thoughts I feel like writing about. I hope you will find them of interest.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Wedding

I still can't help but be completely amazed at how well things just
seem to come together in my life. From the way Heidi and I learned
about each other and just sorta clicked so well to all the little
things that fell into place and made our getting together happen

Our wedding was no exception. We wanted it to be simple and
stress free and to represent how we want to live. We told
everyone to come casual to my Dad's ranch where we had setup
for a BBQ and simple ceremony. It was a small wedding compared
to most with the total attendance coming in at a shade over 30,
consisting of a few close friends and the rest family.
Our rings were forged by Heidi and I from old silver coins and
came out rather nicely if I do say so myself!

Our cake was creation of my sister, Lisa and her assistant Mindy
and was both beautiful and quite yummy! They also took care of
the flowers in Heidi's hair and the bouquets.

Our outfits were very comfortable natural fiber clothes that
we bought for the occasion but will work well as a normal part
of our wardrobe. The ceremony was very short in duration,lasting
maybe 15 minutes. A nice old minister we found through the local
courthouse performed the necessary role and did a fine job
reading the guide notes we gave him. At least I think he did,
I was pretty preoccupied with the beauty standing before me at
the time that is now my wonderful wife!

Everyone contributed to making our wedding perfect! My Dad and
Joyce, My sisters, Lisa & Traci and thier families, my new
wonderful kids, Jessica, Zach & Shane, my new Mom-in-law Marsha
and of course my gorgeous wife, Heidi, all worked together to
create what I think was the perfect wedding! For those who
couldn't make it, we missed you but understand.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

About time eh?!!!

After a few months of crazy busy life changes, it is time to get this blog going again! Too many things have happened since I last updated to cover them all at once but the more interesting highlights deserve posts of their own anyway. The first and to me of course the most important thing is to update the story of Heidi and my relationship. Without a lot of detail, it goes something like this...

We really knew from early on that we belonged together(even though we hadn't met in person at that point), so we decided that I would drive to Salt Lake City Utah where she lived and be together until she finished out her time working at Intel. I did exactly that, sold one of my Harleys, drove almost straight through and made it just in time for her Birthday. We spent a month in the area staying in my Roadtrek and moving her van around with us as we found safe spots to stay each night. Van Dwelling in Salt Lake is less than easy! After spending Thanksgiving with Heidi's very sweet daughter, we were back on our way to Port Angeles Washington.

We spent the next couple months enjoying family here before heading down South to Slabcity for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we then spent a month in the hospital(I'll explain all that in a future post). After the hospital stay, we spent a month in Carlsbad California before heading back up to Port Angeles again. We have been back here now for about a month and are happy as ever! Sorry for the quick rundown, but I am wanting to get to the part where I tell you we are getting married shortly...June 20th is the day and we are both really excited! The details of the past few months adventure are coming soon, it was quite interesting!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Heroes

In these days with all the crime and suffering going on in the world, wouldn't a Super Hero be really welcome? Well I just happen to be one! I have recently learned that my Sweetheart is as well, what a coincidence! I have been dubbed "Greeting Card Boy" and I have an assortment of super powers, most notably my pretend ninja skills! Heidi's Super Hero name is "Highly Caffeinated Angel" and along with the obvious super power of intense jitters, she has the very welcome ability to melt my heart constantly!

Many people would chalk all this Super Hero talk up to early relationship cheesiness but I know better! It is about enjoying life and knowing how to laugh and love and be happy! Smiling alone is very healthy, so you can imagine what the effects can be of filling your days with silliness and fun! So laugh, and sing and enjoy every breath of this life! There is plenty of time for deep thought and meditation, just keep it all in balance and maybe next time your feeling down, find the super hero within you and give them a name. The world can always use more super heroes!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heidi again

I didn't mention it before and I can't let it go unsaid. She happens to be quite beautiful in every way! She takes my breath away and I am understating that a bit!


This is a post I never thought I would be writing. I have spent years now working on myself and doing the things I could to be a confident complete person alone and needing no one. Happy with myself and my life pursueing that which I believe to be important and worthwhile. I never saw it coming.

I consider myself to be a bit different than most folks, almost odd if you get right down to it. With so many different and sometimes conflicting interests and views, I had never imagined there could be someone else so much like me in so many ways. But to put it as she once did, poof, there she was! Well, maybe not quite like that but it sure feels that way. I started noticing posts on more than a couple of the yahoo groups that were exactly the things I would have said. Someone with a very similar heart, that spoke out freely to defend where she felt necessary and help where she could. Another with a heart to have fun with life and live strong and free! Time just made the developing attraction stronger and a mutual friend, TwoKnivesKatie had the same idea for the two of us. Now things are quite clear and Heidi and I are completely taken with each other. In the past month, each day has been better than the day before and we both learn just how much alike we really are.

So without going into tons of detail, suffice it to say, my future includes her and while we are both strong and confident as individuals, we will be stronger and happier together. This is a new journey for us and one that is going to be epic in the truest sense of the word! I can't stop smiling!

Ginormously! <--Just sayin!