Thursday, June 26, 2008


Welcome to my blog!

There are many various descriptions defining what a Visionquest is, in my case it is simply a journey seeking to grow as a person, a physical journey as well as a spiritual one, working to become, not to acquire.

I believe it is important to be a student of life, to learn from every available source and recognize and grab hold of wisdom in all the forms it can be found. I also believe doing so involves expanding your vision beyond what your eyes can see and being careful to listen beyond what your ears can hear. There is much I want to share, ideas to exchange, perspectives to gain.

The physical aspects of my particular journey include a van which at this point I have given no clever name. The design and modifications to it will be well covered. I consider myself very much a nomad, part of a large tribe of vandwellers across the country.

For the future: A little philosophy, some strange hobbies and interests, probably a fair amount of lame humor(my apologies in advance), hopefully some intriguing ideas and absolutely no strings attached. Hope you enjoy your visit!


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kate said...

hey, mike! glad to see you are up and started! look forward to what"s in store....