Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At the core of the thing...

My belief system... This is a topic I don't talk about often, but will this once to aid in understanding where I develop my views and how I deal with things in life. There are two primary reasons I don't discuss it (unless asked) usually. (#1) I don't ever want anyone to feel I am trying to convince them or judge them etc. That just isn't my style and I am a strong believer in free will to make your own choices. (#2) I want to live in a way that my actions show what is in my heart. Actions always speak much louder than words.

I have a very basic belief system based entirely on the Bible and my relationship with God. It is something that I have had since I was a tiny kid, even if it wasn't always evident. I don't really do church anymore, too many doctrine type things in every one I have ever been to. I don't dig through old testament scripture much either. Pretty much just focus on the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus. I have always found all that I needed in those words and prayer.

I won't go much further about this, but I did want to make sure the foundation was understood before I dig into other subjects in my life, especially the cystic fibrosis I was born with. My faith in God has everything to do with me still being here.

Last thing I wanted to say about this is that proclamations tend to bring on scrutiny. If that holds true here and those who read this post scrutinize my life, you will find that I am a very imperfect person. I make incredible blunders, get angry with the best of them, and have sinned with the worst of them. I am grateful to have been forgiven.

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Simply What Matters said...

We are very much alike in this side of life. I do enjoy proverbs, Psalms & Isaiah in the OT but other than that we are very similar. I know many churches are good, and do some wonderful things, but I too am not very into the whole church thing. I wish that everyone, regardless of what the belief system or other areas of life are would truly accept each other without the judgment that often gets attached to such things. Blessings to you Mike! Honored to be your friend, Brenda