Wednesday, May 20, 2009

About time eh?!!!

After a few months of crazy busy life changes, it is time to get this blog going again! Too many things have happened since I last updated to cover them all at once but the more interesting highlights deserve posts of their own anyway. The first and to me of course the most important thing is to update the story of Heidi and my relationship. Without a lot of detail, it goes something like this...

We really knew from early on that we belonged together(even though we hadn't met in person at that point), so we decided that I would drive to Salt Lake City Utah where she lived and be together until she finished out her time working at Intel. I did exactly that, sold one of my Harleys, drove almost straight through and made it just in time for her Birthday. We spent a month in the area staying in my Roadtrek and moving her van around with us as we found safe spots to stay each night. Van Dwelling in Salt Lake is less than easy! After spending Thanksgiving with Heidi's very sweet daughter, we were back on our way to Port Angeles Washington.

We spent the next couple months enjoying family here before heading down South to Slabcity for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we then spent a month in the hospital(I'll explain all that in a future post). After the hospital stay, we spent a month in Carlsbad California before heading back up to Port Angeles again. We have been back here now for about a month and are happy as ever! Sorry for the quick rundown, but I am wanting to get to the part where I tell you we are getting married shortly...June 20th is the day and we are both really excited! The details of the past few months adventure are coming soon, it was quite interesting!


Romana S said...

Hey Mike. Great to hear about the wedding and see the photos from the links on the VanDwellers group. You and Heidi look so happy in those pictures.

Love and best wishes, Romana

DeAnna said...

Hey Mike, Sorry to be so bad about staying in touch. I'm like that sometimes :)

I saw the pics of your wedding on the Yahoo group and they were just beautiful. Congratulations! You are both very lucky.

Please do keep in touch, even though I'm not that good at it :)