Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is a post I never thought I would be writing. I have spent years now working on myself and doing the things I could to be a confident complete person alone and needing no one. Happy with myself and my life pursueing that which I believe to be important and worthwhile. I never saw it coming.

I consider myself to be a bit different than most folks, almost odd if you get right down to it. With so many different and sometimes conflicting interests and views, I had never imagined there could be someone else so much like me in so many ways. But to put it as she once did, poof, there she was! Well, maybe not quite like that but it sure feels that way. I started noticing posts on more than a couple of the yahoo groups that were exactly the things I would have said. Someone with a very similar heart, that spoke out freely to defend where she felt necessary and help where she could. Another with a heart to have fun with life and live strong and free! Time just made the developing attraction stronger and a mutual friend, TwoKnivesKatie had the same idea for the two of us. Now things are quite clear and Heidi and I are completely taken with each other. In the past month, each day has been better than the day before and we both learn just how much alike we really are.

So without going into tons of detail, suffice it to say, my future includes her and while we are both strong and confident as individuals, we will be stronger and happier together. This is a new journey for us and one that is going to be epic in the truest sense of the word! I can't stop smiling!

Ginormously! <--Just sayin!


Heidi said...

You touch places in my soul I didn't know existed.

Simply What Matters said...

It is a magical thing to find one who shares not only your heart but your passions. I am so happy for you both that youhave found that magic in and with each other. So often in this world people come together because they are fragmented... Instead in my humble opinion there is an amazing beauty in two as you & Heidi that have found each other as whole beings and spirits... how beautiful... I believe the two of you have found joy and substance together. Blessings & Love to you both for all the wonderful surprises you will enjoy around the bend! :) Brenda