Thursday, September 25, 2008


Stormy is just absolutely cool and inspiring! I started talking to her a while back on a Vandweller sub group and was immediately impressed by her interesting views on life. She is a tiny gal living in a tiny car but she is an incredible presence in this world! Sounds like hype maybe, but like Katie, this is a person that is rare and you will be blessed by any time you can share with her. She is very spiritual and wise and on an interesting journey.

As she travels, Stormy interviews people for a book she is writing. She sat with Katie and I at a restaurant in Quilcene Washington, notebook and pen ready. Her questions are very deep and thought provoking. I listened while Katie responded and found myself near speechless when it came time for my answers. Katie and her amazing spirit is hard to follow and I really felt like I didn't want to take away from her moment with my thoughts. I could tell the meeting with Stormy was somewhat transitional for Katie at the time. Katie, who is very introspective already, was now looking even deeper into the direction of her life and how she could give more of herself to others. That is the effect Stormy has on others. With the story she shares of her own life and her goals, and the questions she asks, Stormy causes people to explore inside themselves. It is fun to see and amazing to experience.

Stormy: As you continue your travels and spread that wisdom and love, stay safe and strong! I hope we meet again out on the road sometime! That Karmic appointment of sorts was yet another thing that shaped my life in a positive way! Thank You!

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